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Новости электрооборудования, энергетики и АСУ ТП

16.04.2019 16:19:00

Hawaii has formally unveiled a new on-bill financing program that allows Hawaiian Electric customers to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects without incurring any upfront costs.

16.04.2019 16:09:00

Solar still makes up a relatively small percentage of the region's total capacity, but MISO officials said 680 MW of solar cleared in this year's auction, compared with 461 MW last year.

16.04.2019 15:14:00

A bill pending in the state legislature could provide millions of dollars for Vistra to transition its coal plants to solar and storage in the mid-2020s — years after the plants would retire absent the measure.

16.04.2019 15:00:00

Through effective use of Bring Your Own Thermostat programs, electric utilities can build successful demand-response strategies and leverage economic opportunities.

15.04.2019 16:37:00
Recent developments to do with pumped hydro, liquid air and kinetic energy storage technology hold out the promise of inexpensive, widely available energy storage. If realized, deployments could be the catalyst that fuels growth of solar, wind and other emissions-free, renewable energy capacity to new, significantly higher, heights, proponents say.

05.04.2019 0:35:55
Arizona Public Service (APS) announced today a request for proposals (RFP) to bring hundreds of MW in capacity of energy storage to both new and existing solar facilities. APS's Chino Valley (19 MW) and Red Rock (40 MW) solar projects will be getting batteries. In the same RFP, the utility is soliciting 500 MW of new solar + storage projects and stand-alone battery storage by 2025.

03.04.2019 19:33:28
Michigan Technological University is studying whether communities could transform abandoned mines into valuable energy storage. University researchers are partnering with the Marquette County city of Negaunee, population 4,500, on a pilot project that could help mining communities turn liabilities into assets. The prospect is particularly intriguing in the Upper Peninsula, home to hundreds of abandoned metal mines and cripplingly high electricity rates.

02.04.2019 22:25:55
New water and wastewater systems powered by solar plus storage microgrids are reviving life and livelihoods in remote areas of Puerto Rico still struggling to recover from 2017's Hurricane Maria. In hard-to-reach areas of Puerto Rico where grid power has only recently been restored, six microgrid-powered pumping systems are now up and running, thanks to a partnership between South Carolina-based non-profit Water Mission and Hawaii-based energy storage company Blue Planet Energy.

02.04.2019 3:53:52
The U.S. Department of Energy announced selections for up to $7.5 million for innovations that reduce cost and maximize the value of new stream-reach hydropower development and pumped storage hydropower. Funded projects will develop new design concepts and associated modeling and analysis for standard modular hydropower and pumped storage, respectively. DOE supports technologies consistent with DOE's Advanced Energy Storage Initiative—which drives technology beyond cost reductions toward improved performance and enhanced provision of services to the grid. Selections were made across two topic areas, including scientific analyses that would illustrate how pumped storage hydropower can optimize the performance of the U.S. electric grid system to lower overall system costs.

01.04.2019 22:21:10
Storage-plus PPAs are already less expensive than the levelized cost of energy for combined cycle natural gas in the United States, according to a recent report from Navigant Research. Lithium-ion batteries are one of the main drivers in the growth of the utility-scale energy storage market, accounting for almost 30% of non-pumped storage capacity developed since 2011, the report found.

01.04.2019 11:00:31
Today's microgrid installations showcase a variety of configurations and control systems. Commercial and industrial sites are finding innovative ways to power their operations, particularly those in remote locations off the traditional grid. Glasgow, Scotland-based Aggreko recently signed a deal with Gold Fields Australia to deploy a solar-plus-batteries-plus-thermal-generation off-grid microgrid, designed to save fuel, reduce emissions, and boost power reliability.

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