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Новости электрооборудования, энергетики и АСУ ТП

24.01.2022 15:49:00

The industry is facing new and old issues in 2022, according to experts at the U.S. Energy Association’s 2022 state of the energy industry forum, including supply chain, labor, cybersecurity, and reliability challenges.

24.01.2022 12:00:00

In 2022, the renewable energy industry will explore new avenues backed by a supportive administration focused on climate change.

24.01.2022 12:00:00

Today, utilities and regulators are increasingly emphasizing electric vehicles (EVs) and other distributed energy resources (DERs) in their demand response programs.

22.01.2022 14:20:21
All of the carbon in our bodies, in food, and in the entire biosphere, results from the assimilation of carbon dioxide in photosynthesis by a single enzyme, known to biologists as Rubisco. Not surprisingly, given its importance, this protein is the most abundant in the world. Researchers from Lancaster University are working to improve the sustainable productivity of key crops in sub-Saharan Africa...

22.01.2022 14:20:21
Serbian authorities have abandoned plans to build a controversial lithium mine, the prime minister said Thursday, following weeks of protests against the project set to be built by Rio Tinto. The surprise U-turn from the government comes months ahead of likely national elections with President Aleksandar Vucic's administration looking to shore up support from voters following a series of...

22.01.2022 14:20:21
Perovskites are hybrid compounds made from metal halides and organic constituents. They show great potential in a range of applications, e.g. LED lights, lasers, and photodetectors, but their major contribution is in solar cells, where they are poised to overtake the market from their silicon counterparts. One of the obstacles facing the commercialization of perovskite solar cells is that...

22.01.2022 14:20:21
Lithium-air batteries were thought promising in the 1970s as a potential power source for electric vehicles, offering energy densities that rival gasoline and significantly surpass conventional lithium-ion batteries. However, scientists over the last few decades have been unable to overcome challenges to practical application of this technology, including reversible...

22.01.2022 14:20:21
Menlo Electric has been certified as an official distributor of Jinko Solar, following a year of close cooperation between both companies. The partnership is to result in module sales of over 200 MW in 2022 alone, of which 70 MW is to be delivered still in Q1. "The energy transition trend is gaining momentum throughout Europe, and in Central Europe in particular. After building a leadership...

22.01.2022 14:20:21
A concept image of a future in-orbit demonstrator for space-based solar power. Sunlight up in Earth orbit is ten times more intense than down on Earth's surface, so the idea is to fly dedicated satellites to capture solar energy, then beam it down to Earth - and potentially the Moon or other planets further into the future. A new ESA Discovery project is looking into a key part of...

22.01.2022 14:20:21
Metal halide perovskites are receiving great attention as next-generation semiconductors for solar energy conversion. Since the first demonstration of 3.8% efficiency in 2009, efficiencies have increased rapidly and state-of-the-art perovskite solar cells exhibit high efficiencies over 25%, close to the record efficiencies of silicon photovoltaics. This fast growth during the last decade...

21.01.2022 18:45:00

Experts agree that many provisions in the pending legislation are essential to expand renewable energy deployment, but demand continues to build as more risk-averse investors show interest in the market.

21.01.2022 16:32:00

Utilities and investors need to consider "business model innovation" that can make electric vehicle charging more attractive, says DOE loan office head Jigar Shah.

21.01.2022 15:06:30

At its monthly meeting, FERC also debated natural gas issues and proposed a cyber standard for the bulk power system.

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