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Новости электрооборудования, энергетики и АСУ ТП

11.02.2019 21:25:00

17 House members and 18 Senators urged FERC to issue a decision "as soon as possible" that "enables all [distributed energy resources] the opportunity to participate in … wholesale markets."

11.02.2019 17:55:00

The idea is to lower electricity costs and align utility business interests with the state's clean energy goals.

11.02.2019 17:35:00

The Iowa Utilities Board's proposal would set guidelines for electric vehicle charging at public facilities, with the aim of removing the stations from the definition of "public utility" under state law.

11.02.2019 17:00:00

The state's Department of Commerce worked with stakeholders to better understand how to encourage over 100 utilities to take advantage of an energy efficiency incentive.

11.02.2019 16:53:00

Duke Energy Carolinas estimates upwards of $200 annual credits for customers enrolled in the new Shared Solar subscription.

08.02.2019 22:16:08
Sunrun has won a bid for 20 MW to participate in ISO New England's 2022-2023 Forward Capacity Market. The bid means that Sunrun will be required to offer to the broader power grid 20 MW of power, 24 hours a day for the single year period. The company will be paid $3.80/kW/month, or $76,000 for the year. Sunrun notes that the capacity will be made possible by its Brightbox energy storage product line. Currently, this product is an LG Chem RESU. LG's 48-volt battery comes with 3.3, 6.5 and 9.8 kilowatt-hour (kWh) ratings, and its 400-volt batteries offer 7.0 and 9.8 kWh ratings. Both AC- and DC-coupled versions are available. Sunrun noted they would need about 5,000 New England customers to meet the requirement.

08.02.2019 4:23:51
Transmission system operator TenneT and Daimler subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Energy have joined forces in a development partnership to see whether EV batteries could stabilize large grids. The result: Automobile battery storage systems can indeed make a significant contribution to grid stabilization and system reconstruction. The researchers have shown that automobile battery storage systems "can help to compensate for the loss of conventional energy generation," should the electrical grid fail for some reason. By kick-starting the energy grid with the additional stationary energy storage, fluctuations can be dampened and frequency deviations covered.

08.02.2019 0:57:37
Solar is breaking into a power market that's long been the domain of big, conventional generators. A key reason: batteries. New England just approved 145 megawatts of solar systems to provide capacity to the local grid that are paired with batteries that store electricity to use after sundown. It's the first time sunshine has been a significant participant in ISO New England Inc.'s annual forward capacity auction.

07.02.2019 12:20:14
The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority has contacted Canada-based Greenbriar Capital with the intention of reopening negotiations to progress the 100MW Montalva solar project. The shovel-ready $305m project, which also includes a 30MW battery, will be the largest renewable energy project in the Caribbean when built. The plant will be located in the municipalities of Guanica and Lajas. Generating 100% renewable energy, the solar-plus-storage plant is estimated to provide PREPA customers with $1-2bn in energy savings over the 25-35-year life of the facility. According to Greenbriar Montalva will add 900 direct jobs during the construction phase.

07.02.2019 9:38:29
Fair Isle's renewable energy system offers not just 24-hour power but the potential for economic growth and prosperity in this most remote of locations. Fair Isle's new renewable energy system uses wind turbine generators, a ground-mounted solar photovoltaic system, and battery storage; it has allowed its 55 islanders to use electricity around the clock for the first time. Three miles long and not quite two miles wide, Fair Isle is one of the most isolated inhabited island communities in the UK.

07.02.2019 0:59:28
Schneider Electric announced the expansion of its microgrid project at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in California to boost resilience. A California Energy Commission Electric Program Investment Charge grant will enable the $3.9 million project that will add energy storage to the microgrid and integrate demand side management. Upon completion, it will incorporate a total of five distributed energy resources, including renewable generation and energy storage, in order to maintain all critical facilities during grid outages and facilitate higher renewable penetration from landfill gas generators.

05.02.2019 20:43:10
The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) issued two orders on Friday, to specify net metering for solar-plus-storage facilities and the capacity ownership rights of such projects. DOER worked with the state Attorney General's office on the DPU docket to help utilities and developers compromise on how to deploy more energy storage without placing an undue burden on taxpayers. For developers, capacity rights ownership to dispatch a generator or storage resource is fundamental to adding more storage and distributed renewables onto the grid. Despite the launch of the main state program for commercial energy storage, Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target, last fall, projects were viewed as less viable without developer access to a new revenue stream in the ISO-New England capacity market, DOER staff said.

12.02.2019 00:00:00
Немецкая компания BigRep представила прототип электрического мотоцикла, корпус которого полностью изготовлен на широкоформатном 3D-принтере

04.02.2019 16:00:50
Ученые ЕС ищут пути нейтрализации наночастиц, производимых двигателями внутреннего сгорания...

12.02.2019 10:07:00
Четырехногий робот Skaterbot был продемонстрирован на Всемирном экономическом форуме в Давосе. Он был создан на базе колесной версии робота, которую поставили на коньки и обучили двигаться по льду.

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