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Новости электрооборудования, энергетики и АСУ ТП

20.10.2020 9:27:36
From making a small calculator work to generating energy to produce the entire output of an important brewery, solar energy has been undergoing significant growth in recent years, taking the place of nonrenewable energy resources that negatively affect the environment. In addition to producing clean energy, solar plants can be adapted to different sizes and allow for self-consumption...

20.10.2020 9:27:36
The great global challenges of our time, including climate change, energy security and scarcity of natural resources, promote a transition from the linear fossil-based economy to the sustainable bio-based circular economy. Taking this step requires further development of emerging technologies for production of renewable fuels and chemicals. Photosynthetic microorganisms, such as cyanobacte...

20.10.2020 9:27:36
Researchers at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Linkoping University, have for the first time demonstrated an organic battery. It is of a type known as a "redox flow battery", with a large capacity that can be used to store energy from wind turbines and solar cells, and as a power bank for cars. Redox flow batteries are stationary batteries in which the energy is located in the elect...

20.10.2020 9:27:36
Scientists from the University of Surrey have revealed the significant improvements they are making in perovskite-based solar cells. Perovskite solar cells have shown significant potential in reaching the efficiency limit of the widely used solar cells currently on the market by absorbing light in a broader range of wavelengths. Industry has also been paying close attention to the development...

20.10.2020 9:27:36
Innovative solar technology company, mPower Technology, has announced that its DragonSCALES solar cell prototype has completed integration and testing on a Sparkwing in-orbit solar array technology demonstrator in preparation for inclusion on Momentus' Vigoride transfer vehicle launch taking place in the fourth quarter of 2020. DragonSCALES was developed to provide a low-cost, voltage-adjust...

20.10.2020 9:27:36
Solar thermal cells continue to attract much interest as they have massive potential to heat water in a cost-effective and sustainable process. To date, the efficiency of these cells has been limited as the polymers used in their manufacture are poor thermal conductors.Caption: Christine Boyle, CEO of Senergy Ltd with the Solar Panel Credit: WMG, University of Warwick...

20.10.2020 9:27:36
In an entirely new approach to making lithium-ion batteries lighter, safer and more efficient, scientists at Stanford University and the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have reengineered one of the heaviest battery components - sheets of copper or aluminum foil known as current collectors - so they weigh 80% less and immediately quench any fires that flare up...

19.10.2020 23:41:00

The standard could pave the way for an expansion of the vehicle electrification market, but must support innovation in a manner that benefits entire communities and not just the wealthy few, according to one expert.

19.10.2020 18:04:00

The announcement is part of DOE's multibillion-dollar effort with industry to develop the next generation of reactors, and comes on the heels of $160 million in funding for two other projects.

19.10.2020 15:44:00

The current system "has actively hindered our efforts to decarbonize the grid," according to Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont.

16.10.2020 23:36:00

Manufacturers are pushing forward on electric, heavy-duty trucks even as one study shows the pandemic might drop EV sales by 17%.

16.10.2020 23:31:00

The array, through a partnership with utility PNM and the Jicarilla Apache Nation, will help the city get 88% of its electricity from renewable energy by the end of 2021.

16.10.2020 17:16:00

Regulators created a new program within the Clean Energy Standard to value the environmental attributes that renewable resources give to the city, while advancing an upstate transmission project.

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