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Новости электрооборудования, энергетики и АСУ ТП

12.08.2019 17:46:00

The head of the island's electric utility, however, has indicated he will press Gov. Wanda Vázquez to reconsider that decision.

12.08.2019 17:36:00

Interest in resilience is strong, but just one of the motivations behind the proliferation of microgrids.

12.08.2019 17:05:00

One of the agency's actions aims to guarantee developers will avoid triggering New Source Review permitting if one portion of their project increases emissions, as long as those emissions are offset by a larger decrease in other parts of the project.

12.08.2019 16:48:00

Utility companies have lagged behind most other service industries in making digital engagement a priority, which has contributed materially to underperformance in customer satisfaction levels compared to other industries.

12.08.2019 16:38:00

With the wind investment tax credit set to sunset at the end of this year, the 800-MW project's financing could be jeopardized if the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management does not speed up its final environmental impact study.

12.08.2019 15:58:00

The Public Service Commission alleges NYISO's buyer-side mitigation measures negatively impact the deployment of storage in the state.

12.08.2019 18:05:00
Kauai Island Utility Cooperative led the nation again in 2018 for interconnection of energy storage watts per customer, and ranked second in annual energy storage capacity, according to the Smart Electric Power Alliance. In 2018, KIUC posted more than 3,000 Wh/C, nearly six times more than the next ranked utility: Sterling Municipal Light Department in Massachusetts. This is the second year running that KIUC topped the list of storage watts per customer.

07.08.2019 15:54:17
EDP Renewables North America is to sell 110MW of electricity to San Jose Clean Energy from the Sonrisa solar farm and battery storage facility in the US state of California. The 20-year power purchase agreement covers 100MW of solar energy and 10MW of storage capacity.

06.08.2019 1:25:24
The United States will grow to be the largest global market for solar + storage this year, where peaking capacity requirements are driving procurement, according to a recent IHS Markit study. Utility-scale solar + storage projects now are online or being built in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Indiana and Florida, and the list grows. In March, NextEra Energy said it would build the Florida Power and Light Manatee Energy Storage Center's battery system, with four times the capacity of the world's largest battery system currently in operation.

02.08.2019 8:00:00
The falling price of renewable energy has been dominating the headlines, but more dramatic change is happening behind the scenes, where battery storage is disrupting the way utilities provide power. The change is driven not just by cheap renewables and cheap batteries, but by the electronics that link them together.

02.08.2019 3:09:43
UMass Dartmouth officials are touting a public battery storage system as the largest of its kind in Massachusetts, and citing its potential to control costs by releasing energy at peak usage periods when the price of electricity is the most expensive. With FirstLight, AMS and Eversource, the university on the South Coast recently launched the 520-kilowatt system, adding to an infrastructure there that already includes a 1.6 megawatt hour co-generation plant and 369 kilowatts of solar photovoltaic panels.

02.08.2019 2:58:00
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently helped unveil a new community of 46 smart townhomes in Atlanta which will serve as a living laboratory for DOE researchers to evaluate how homeowners are using energy in a real-world, smart home environment. This research is instrumental to understanding how emerging smart technologies and distributed energy resources can impact energy efficiency, energy management and resiliency. The Altus neighborhood, known as the Georgia Power Smart Neighborhood, is a set of townhomes on a microgrid that have been outfitted with solar photovoltaic panels, batteries, and state-of-the-art, grid-connective, energy-efficient building components and appliances.

01.08.2019 11:00:00
U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) has reintroduced the Clean Energy Grid Act. This bill would aim to strengthen US energy security, reduce pollution, increase electric reliability and spur job creation by improving the deployment of efficient and cost-effective energy resources, such as solar and wind power and energy storage.

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